(bukan) rahasia raharasi

Something blue that I miss


I badly like to travel. This picture I took when I was in Lombok Island, in Anyar Sea in 2009. So blue, the blue of theΒ  sea bouncing into the sky. Very beautiful. I miss that blue.

the blue of Anyar Sea / Laut Anyar

This sea is located in the north Lombok and not so well known, because it is not a tourist spot. This sea is a sea where the fishermen find fishes. And I was lucky because I had the opportunity to enjoy the blue of the sea in the middle of the sea.

Sighting of Mount Rinjani from the Anyar Sea

In this sea I could see the great Rinjani. The Mountain which is the most wanted by the mountaineers and tourists.

The sea is also the place to herd livestock

I call it : go to the sea

the queen of the sea :p

3 thoughts on “Something blue that I miss

  1. I loveee the color blue! And thus these pictures just make me so happy! Thanks for posting these πŸ™‚ And good luck in future adventures!

    ~My Blog

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