goes to DIENG PLATEAU-Wonosobo it should be more fun

At the end of January (28 January 2012) I walked to Wonosobo with purpose to Dieng. This trip was not one of my favorite trip. It should be an exciting trip (because basically I really like to travel), but not for this time.

Like the words of someone, something to be interesting not because of where we are, but with whom we are there :D.
I’m not going to tell you about it, I’ll just tell you about some interesting places in Dieng.. :p


Trip in Jogja Dieng taken for approximately two hours by car. The trip from Yogyakarta  approximately at 5 pm, then on the way we were stopping briefly for dinner. Up in Wonosobo at 8pm. Arriving in Wonosobo I stayed at the home of a friend because the trip to Dieng will be done tomorrow morning. Greeting from the host was very warm 🙂 . Thank you..

one of Dieng’s scenery

Dieng’s name is derived from the Sanskrit “di” meaning place, and “hyang” which means creator deity. Overall the Dieng plateau can be interpreted as the abode of the gods. Maybe that’s one reason why Dieng has beautiful scenery. Because in my mind, the abode of the gods is a beautiful place. That’s the Dieng plateau, a place with beautiful scenery and a relaxing atmosphere.

Dieng is an active volcanic area and it can be said to be a giant volcano crater with multiple kepundan. The average elevation is approximately 2,000 m above sea level. The temperature of the air in the Dieng plateau including cold and tend to be cool. I thought, it was because the effects of global warming or the effect of mood, when I was on the Dieng plateau at that moment I felt the air temperature was cold but not too cold, so I didn’t need to use a thick jacket or multiple layers. While at Dieng I always encountered fog. It added effect of cold mist and mystery.

The Complex of Warna Lake (Telaga Warna)

at Warna Lake

Warna Lake  has unique characteristics related to the color (color is called warna by Indonesian) of the lake. People said that the color of this lake (sometimes yellow or green and and colorful like a rainbow of colors) due to  the sulfur contained therein. This lake has very beautiful scenery. At the time I got there, the water of this lake was green.

Beside Warna Lake, there is Pengilon Lake, the water is clear like a mirror (mirror = pengilon) that is what makes the locals name Pengilon Lake. I just saw the Pengilon Lake from a distance of 5 meters because I’m a little confused looking for access to the Lake. I had no time to reflect on the lake. The water in the lake is blue.

The myth of the inhabitants of the Lake could mention when to know the contents of human heart. If she/he was looked pretty or handsome when looking at the water pools, then her/his has good heart. Instead, it includes the evil-minded people.

In the complex  of  this lake there are still some lake that I forgot its name. Besides the lake, there are three caves, belik stone (batu belik) and slate in this tourist complex. There Semar Cave, Sumur Cave and Jaran Cave. Visitors can instantly know the name of the cave because there is a statue of Semar in front of him. Semar is one that is considered the wisest in punakawan series. The cave was named Semar Cave because the locals believe if the cave is guarded by Eyang Semar.

in front of Semar Cave

In front of the Sumur Cave there is a statue of woman with deep well bringing pitcher. This cave does have a small pool of water is said to bring good luck. Many believe the water in these Sumur Cave can cure various diseases and make the skin prettier than before.

Jaran Cave or cave of the horse described previously housed the hermitage of Rishi Kendaliseto. A time when the heavy rain, there’s a horse that resting in it. Oddly enough, when the horse is out of the hole that the next day, the horse had been pregnant. Some people believe when these caves can be used to meditate the women that it’s hard to get descendants. Make the girls should be cautious when visiting the cave, it was feared that later after entering the cave will become pregnant.

In Slate there is a myth that says that  whoever wanted their children can fluently read and write, can go to this site to pray. I think, not only pray but also need to learn .. 🙂

Complex entrance fee is only 5000 rupiah per person.

Sikidang Crater (Kawah Sikidang)

Okay, go to the next place, Sikidang Crater

A few meters before getting to the crater, we can already smell the pungent sulphur. It is strongly advised to wear masks when going to visit this place. Not wearing a mask was not a problem because a few hours in this place and smell the pungent sulphur will not makes you die.

Sikidang Crater

The name of Sikidang Crater is taken from the kidang (in Indonesia = Deer). This animal always jump, as well as water vapor and molten lava gray in Sikidang Crater which is always turbulent and the emergence of sedentary even jumping like a deer/antelope.

The Complex of Arjuna Temple 

Arjuna Temple  is the oldest hindu Temple in Java still stands upright in the middle of the whaling time and weather, being a proof of the wealth of cultural heritage. Entering this complex, we’ll be treated to some of  beautiful old temple. Although some parts of the temple are begins eaten by age, but temple to cult Lord Shiva which was built in 809 AD still standing strongly and  give the feel of peace in the midst of the natural silence of the mountains.

Complex of Arjuna Temples

Maybe because the place was interesting and a fun atmosphere, so that when I entered the complex of the temple I encountered many young couples who are spending time together, and most of them are high school kids.

The entrance fee of Sikidang Crater and Arjuna Temples are 10.000 rupiah per person.

Ongklok Noodle (Mie Ongklok)

Not complete it if you visit a place but do not try the typical dish of that place.
I also tried Ongklok noodle  (Mie Ongklok), one of the special food from Wonosobo. Ongklok noodle is noodles are served with raw cabbage and garlic chives. Cooking process put in a kind of bamboo sieve and repeatedly dipped into boiling water (ongklok-ongklok).

Sauce that is used there are 2 kinds. The first sauce is thick brown sauce made from a mixture of extract of cassava, sugar, dried shrimp, and other secret recipe. After the noodles doused again with peanut sauce dressing. Ongklok noodle usually serves with beef satay (sate).

And the taste of these noodles was …….
Iyuuuuhhhh ….
In my opinion it wasn’t tasty … yiiaaakkkss …  probably because my taste is different so I don’t like the noodles, which was said to have many fans.

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