Went to King’s Tomb in Imogiri-Bantul, Yogyakarta

Sunday, 19 February 2012, Sutet, Veni and I went to king’s tomb in Imogiri-Bantul, Yogyakarta.

at front of gate of Sultan Agung’s tomb

This cultural tours (could be said pilgrimage tourism) had been planned by us a week before.
We set out from my house at 9 a.m. by motorcycle. We brought some equipment such have been prepared such as umbrella, sunglasses, drinking bottles, and money of course 😀

Our trip just about half an hour.
Arriving at the site (parking), we saw food sellers lined up along the parking area. Some are selling gudeng, SGPC (sego pecel), rames, and many more.

I was tempted, and invites both of my friends stopped by briefly for breakfast, because I have no eaten . I had no time for breakfast because woke up little late (over slept) :p

Sutet (one of my friends) advised to eat later, after we had finished exploring the tomb. My hope has been dashed to eat gudeng and sego pecel. And the journey begun with hunger 🙁

To reached the King’s tomb we passed east path. This path is is the paved roads and hilly. All the way to the grave, I passed some interesting sights and tourisms.

A few that I remember are the tomb of the artists, where many artists are buried here. The tomb of roaster, well, a bit strange indeed, but it’s real. People said that the rooster is the favorite roaster of Sultan Hamengku Buwono IX (CMIIW).

With a heavy struggle, tsssaaaahh …. we arrived at the East Gate Imogiri Tomb 🙂

in fornt of East Gate of Paku Buwono’s tomb

Imogiri grave complex consists of three parts, the main tomb; the tomb of Sri Paduka Sultan Hanyokrokusumo (Sultan Agung), Amangkurat II, Amangkurat III, along each of the queen. East side consists of; Pakubuwono I, Amangkurat Jawi and Pakubuwono III. West side consists of : Queens of solo, Pakubuwono III, empress and their concubines. At the tomb of The Kings, there are mystical stories. The stories about the divine the power of antiquity Kings until story about the Queen of The South Sea.

Once satisfied to take pictures in the east tomb complex, we went to the main tomb complex, Sultan Agung’s tomb.
There is no entrance fee. we are only required to donate a kind of voluntary charity box

Visiting the royal graveyard complex, we feel a supernatural atmosphere after entering the site. and indeed, most Javanese sanctify the place. there will be scent of folwers and myrrh everywhere because the custodians always put some of special kind of offerings near the king’s tomb. Moreover, accroding to a custodian, Sultan Agung’s tomb is always redolent since as a human, he is considered as having reached the stage of waliyullah (God’s reperesnetative)

To enter the main tomb, we (visitors) are required to wear traditional clothes of Mataran, no sandals no jewelry. For male uses beskap without a dagger and female uses strapless (kemben) has made from Jarik (Javanese traditional sarong).

fixed the clothes

These clothes are provided at the entrance of the tomb. The cost of rent is 6000 rupiahs. We also buy flowers for pilgrimage about 10 000 rupiahs.

using kemben

Actually, in the grave should not to take photos. However, because we did not know, we had taken some picture inside the tomb complex. Do not be imitated. Just follow the rules of kuncen (cemetery caretaker/custodians).
The ban of taking photographs in the Tomb complex because it was feared there will be something on the results of the pictures (sightings/appearances). And I will not tell you what is contained in the photos that we took inside the tomb complex.

one of my photo was taken inside the main tomb, do not even to try
rules contain prohibition : no sandals, turn off the ponsel, no jewelry, etc..

The Imogiri Royal Graveyard complex is situated in Dusun Pajimatan, Desa Girirejo, Kecamatan Imogiri, Bantul, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. This tomb is not only the royal family tomb of Yogyakarta, but also a family dining palace in Surakarta. It is open for public in certain days such as :

  • Sunday (10 a.m.till dropp)
  • Monday (10 a.m. till dropp) Friday (10 a.m. till dropp)
  • on 1st and 8th Shawwal month
  • on 10 th of Besar/Dhu al-hijjah

On other days, pople can visit but cannot enter the royal graves. Pilgrims can only get in the area if they have permisson from Keraton Yogyakarta, Keraton Surakarta or the head of custodians.

The stairs in the main path to the tomb complex. Local myth that the person could correctly calculate the number of steps (there are more than 300 steps), so his goal come true.

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