Women’s quarter of a century …

Women’s quarter of a century …

Today is the day where I officially became the women’s quarter of a century …
The greatest achievement?
I have no idea yet ….

These are what I did in half a day
  • Sleep late exactly on this day, at 2 am..
  • Wake up late (I didn’t need these plans how hard I woke up with the shows when I woke up right)
  • Half day of hunger and no attempts to glut the belly … aiiihhhh ….
  • internet all day, make a blog and weird writings (including writing this)

Until there’s a message  from someone invited to eat, and because I was too lazy to get out the house (with various excuse are created by me), until in the end he is willing to pick up and even treat me (really horribly, didn’t do anything and didn’t have the money)….
how nice  is he,,  isn’t he??!!!  Mmmuuuaaacchh …

now at 1 pm … its time to take a bath …
to be continued ….

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